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 Rules of the site

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PostSubject: Rules of the site   Tue May 05, 2009 12:35 am

You cannot Troll, Disrupt, Flame, cause threats towards one another, or spam on this board.
You cannot register an alt, or clone.
You cannot hack someone's account to use for your own purposes.
If someone posts a topic based on "Super Mario Bros.", keep in mind that you can only use THAT topic on a particular forum appropriate for it. Making a second topic about it would lead to closure.
Do NOT post your personal information, such as your Address, Social Security, Phone Number, or any other personal info. If you want to share something with someone, please take it to private Messaging.
Do not post stuff off topic.
Talking about or encouragement of Piracy is illegal and strictly prohibited.

Failure to abide with these rules can lead to a suspension, or banning of your account.
If you are Suspended, you cannot make another account, or that account, as well as yours, will get banned.
If you make another account when you're banned, it's going to get banned, as well as your IP.
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Rules of the site
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