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 Tribute to Super Metroid

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PostSubject: Tribute to Super Metroid   Wed May 27, 2009 9:36 pm

The last Metroid is in captivity, the galaxy is at peace
But the once tender moments have come to cease
A being named Ridley kidnapped the Metroid
Killing scientists and leaving Ceres station destroyed

Bounty hunter Samus chased the Space Pirate with haste
Finding herself once more on a planet of waste
Samus Aran fought against evil once more
While discovering secrets of Chozo lore

Space Pirates have become a threat
With Mother Brain's traps now set
Samus explores the desolate planet on her trip
Finding the likes of vegetation, lava, and a wrecked ship

Brinstar, Crateria, Maridia, Norfair
And then to Tourian, Mother Brain's lair
But first destroying the alien life
Leading to battles with much strife

Crocomire, Phantoon, Draygon and Kraid
Gargantuan monsters that needed to be slayed
And of course Ridley, the head of the crew
A fight with him was long overdue

After tests of courage and strength
After an amazing quest of length
Samus attacks the planetary defense
The ultimate battle will soon commense

The fight was harsh, but Mother Brain was defeated
Her power had completely depleted
But a mechanical body then rose from the ground
Samus was not yet safe and sound

Samus was no match for the new deadly brain
The final attack would be a laser of pain
Samus was unexpectedly saved by a friend
But Mother Brain brought the last Metroid to an end

In a final heroic act during the final hour
The Metroid gave Samus power
Samus destroyed Mother Brain in hyper beam mode
But all was not safe as the planet was to explode

Samus ran to her spaceship saving friends along the way
She made it to her space ship with little time to pay
She escaped from the explosion of heat
Now we can say: Mission complete
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Tribute to Super Metroid
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